Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement program I (KISIP I)

Issuance of title deeds in informal settlements


The department of lands, Energy, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban development in collaboration with World Bank, through the Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement program I (KISIP I) issued 867 title deeds to three settlements in Malindi towns. The informal settlements that have benefitted include Kwa Ndomo, M17E and Muyeye Phase I.  

More residents in other informal settlements spread across Malindi, Watamu, Kilifi and Mariakani towns are expected to be issued with title deeds through the Kenya informal Settlement Improvement program.

In KISIP II, the department will also undertake tenure regularization in two informal settlements and infrastructure development in six informal settlements this include;

  1. Tenure regularization-upto issuance of title deeds
  2. M27 in Malindi
  3. Rabai/Mgumopatsa at Mazeras
  4. Infrastructure development- construction of basic infrastructure including but not limited to access roads, water reticulation, storm water drains and streetlights
  5. Kibaoni
  6. Kalolo
  7. Bayamangonzi
  8. Kisumu Ndogo
  9. Mtaani
  10. Muyeye Phase I


The department is currently completing the departmental Headquaters office block opposite Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) to offer its staff adequate and comfortable working environment. The building will also host the county’s GIS laboratory that will enable the county to have an integrated information management system.

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