The Directorate of Vocational Training Manages all the Vocational Training Centres in the County. 

The Directorate will focus on the following strategic issues during the planned period;

Staff in the Department

The department has a team of professional staff

Eddystella Wanja - Director, Vocational Training

Eddystella is an expert in Technical Training with a background in Technical Education. She joined Kilifi County in 2012 from the National Government and has helped change the image of vocational training centers in the County, which has seen a rise in enrolment. She holds a master’s degree in Strategic Management and a Bachelors Degree in Business Management, Entrepreneurship. She is a certified Technical Teacher Trainer and a national Trade test Examiner.

Elizabeth Nyamvula Kaulu, Vocational Training Officer, Kaloleni/Rabai sub counties

Elizabeth Nyamvula Kaulu – an expert in clothing technology, with a background in technical education.l joined Kilifi County from National Government  2019 as a Sub County Vocational Training Officer (SCVTO) currently stationed in Kaloleni/Rabai sub  counties. I hold a Diploma in clothing Technology, a Diploma in technical education in clothing technology. Supervising the following VTCs

    1. Mariakani
    2. Tsangatsini
    3. Mwabayanyundo
    4. Kaloleni
    5. Tsagwa
    6. Mwanamwinga
    7. Hademu
    8. Kambe/Ribe
    9. Ruruma
    10. Mwamtsunga
    11. Rabai kisurutini
    12. Mwele simakeni.


Salome Nzingo Mwachilumo, Vocational Training Officer, Magarini

Salome Nzingo Mwachilumo – an expert in food and beverage technology, with a background in technical education.l joined Kilifi County from Tana River County in 2019 as a Sub County Vocational Training Officer (SCVTO)where I have done my duties with great dedication.  I hold a Diploma in food and beverage, a Diploma in technical education ( food and beverage option) and currently am pursuing my degree- Bachelor of Education Science in Homescience and technology at University of Eldoret where am on my last semester 4.2 scheduled for graduation mid next year 2022.

    1. Mapimo VTC
    2. Mwaeba VTC
    3. Kambi ya waya VTC
    4. Adu VTC
    5. Msumarini VTC
    6. Shakahola VTC
    7. Milalani VTC
    8. Marafa VTC
    9. Bungale VTC
    10. Kayadagamra to start already built
Mwangolo, Vocational Training Officer, Ganze & Kilifi South

Mwangolo, has a Bachelors degree in Agricultural Education & Extension(AGED ) from Egerton University. A Trained Technical teacher from KTTC both Diploma and Certificate in Agriculture.

Seconded to Kwale County from the National Government in 2012 in Agribusiness instruction. Uplifted little known Gulanze VTC later moved to start the Sabrina Agribusiness VTC, the first one of it’s kind in Kenya co-sponsored by a Germany NGO & Kwale County.

Transferred services in 2018 to Kilifi County as a Sub-County Vocational Training Officer for Ganze & Kilifi South. Helped start, revive and uplift VTCs under his jurisdiction, sensitized communities on  vocational education matters causing a rise in enrollment. Caused VTCs to add required causes.

Ganze Sub-County

  1. Vitengeni
  2. Jaribuni
  3. Ganze
  4. Bamba
  5. Palakumi

Kilifi South Sub-County

  1. Dzitsoni
  2. Mwarakaya
  3. Pingilikani
  4. Matandale

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