Upgrade of the Barclays Mtangani road to bitumen standard

Upgrade of the Barclays Mtangani road to bitumen standard

This road covers a distance of 800 meters connecting from the Mombasa Lamu highway A7 to Paradise hotel and for a long time has been in a state of disrepair.

It mainly serves a residential area with several middle class hotels, health facilities as well as other businesses and also is the main road used by the local prison to and from the Court.

During the rainy season, several areas of the road became impassable with swamps of stagnant rain water forming and staying up to six months after the rains recede.

 There was demand for upgrade of the road due to the dilapidated state of the murram road that existed and the loss of business.

Benefits of the project

  • The area will be easily accessible to both human and vehicular traffic
  • Businesses in the area will grow as clients are able to access the area without so much threat of damage to their vehicles
  • There shall be an increase in the number of tourist both foreign and local seeking accommodation and other services in the area
  • The value of property in the area shall increase
  • The perennial flooding and stagnation of water shall be addressed by the 4 vertical and open drains that is a component of the project
  • The area will be well lit as street lights will be erected as part of the project components
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