Kilifi County


Mission, Vision and Mandate of the Municipality


Safe, inclusive and sustainable development.


To facilitate the realization of a progressive Municipality through the provision of quality urban services which promote environmental sustainability.


PURSUANT to Article 5 of the Kilifi Municipal Charter, the following functions are to be undertaken by the Kilifi Municipality.
  1. Promotion, regulation and provision of refuse collection and solid waste management services;
  2. Construction and maintenance of storm drainage and flood controls;
  3. Construction and maintenance of walkways and other non- motorized transport infrastructure;
  4. Construction and maintenance of recreational parks and green spaces;
  5. Construction and maintenance of street lighting;
  6. Construction, maintenance, and regulation of traffic controls and parking facilities;
  7. Construction and maintenance of bus stands and taxi stands;
  8. Construction and maintenance of fire stations; provision of fire- fighting services, emergency preparedness, and disaster management;
  9. Promotion, regulation, and provision of animal control and welfare; and
  10. Municipal administration services (including construction and maintenance of administrative offices).
P.O. Box 519 – 80108, Kilifi, Kenya
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Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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