Design build of Urban Renewal for the Malindi Waterfront public park and tourism infrastructure (2018/ 2019 FY)

Design build of Urban Renewal for the Malindi Waterfront public park and tourism infrastructure (2018/ 2019 FY)

Following the progressive dwindling socio economic fortunes of Malindi town, there was need to initiate a flagship project that will play a major role in reviving the tourism industry

The regeneration of the waterfront and other touristic infrastructure was therefore ranked as the much needed project that would make the town attractive and attract both foreign and domestic tourists.

The construction of this new firefighting infrastructure and facilities comes at the right moment when the Municipality is in urgent need of a new fire station to respond to the regular fire and road accident emergencies within the rapid growing population of Kilifi Municipality. The fire station will serve an approximately 160,000 residents within the boundaries of Kilifi.

“The market conditions of the old market were unfavorable for trading activities to thrive. The congestion and poor hygienic conditions of the market scared away customers” says Mataza Kilumo the Chairperson of Oloitiptip Market Committee.

Benefits of the project

  • The rehabilitation and development of the site will revitalize the once thriving tourist destination and bring back the lost vibrancy to the town.
  • The project will generate skilled and non-skilled employment opportunities for the people of Malindi
  • The Municipality expects to generate revenue from the operations of the park, proceeding from the entrepreneurs and businesses to be operating within the vicinity of the Park.
  • Malindi Municipality’s image is expected to get a face lift with the project marketing the Municipality as an attractive tourist destination.
  • Enhancing environmental conservation by encouraging regular maintenance of the beach front resources.
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