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The county is faced with a number of environmental challenges ranging from air pollution from the quarries and cement factories, water pollution, soil degradation, deforestation, poor solid waste management in the major urban Centres. Less than 10 percent of the households disposed their garbage or solid waste through an organized system

Climate change in the County has seen an increase in intensity and frequency in occurrence of extreme weather events such as severe droughts and floods in Ganze, Kaloleni and Magarini constituencies. These extreme events have had negative socio-economic impacts on almost all sectors such as health, agriculture, environment and tourism. The county is endowed with a wide range of minerals such as Manganese in Ganze constituency, salt in Magarini constituency, coral rocks (stones) in Kilifi South and Kilifi North constituencies, sand in the Entire County, and limestone in Kilifi South constituency and silica in Malindi constituency. Most of these minerals still remain unexploited due to inadequate knowledge on their status, economic viability and appropriate mining technologies.

Meet Water, Environment & Natural Resources Team

Welcome to the Office Water, Environment & Natural Resources CECM

Mwachitu Karisa Kiringi

Hon.Mwachitu holds a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies & Community Development- Second Class Honours (Upper Division) – Kenyatta University. He is a memeber of Youth Conseravtion and a memebr of Wildlife clubs of Kenya.

Key Achievements

The department have flagged several Water and Sanitation Sub-Sector On-Going Projects and Environment & Natural Resources Flagship Plans and Programmes

Water Sub-sector Ongoing Projects Jimba - Jacaranda Water Project Malindi Kathama- Chakama Community Water Project Malindi Mirorini - Mambos As A Water Project Langobaya Malindi Magarini Bungale Water Project Marafa Magarini.

Preparation Of A State Of Environment Report2. Develop An Annual Environmental Action Plan3. County Tree Planting Programme4. Develop An Urban Greening Programme5. Support Conservation Of Ecotourism Sites.other Projects/programs

Our Potential

Our primary focus in the coming years is to

  • Ensure a clean and healthy Environment for sustainable development and 
  • Manage the sustainable development, exploitation of natural resources.

Environment & Natural Resources Policies

  • Develop a County mining policy
  • Domesticate charcoal production policy
  • Develop a county farm and Private forestry policy

Flagship Projects

The department has a number of flagship projects that include
ICT labs and Model ECD Centers

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