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The blue economy has a great potential to contribute to higher and faster GDP growth in Kenya.
The potential of the blue economy in Kenya is largely unexploited due to uneven focus on land as the most important factor of production.
While Kenya is endowed with large water bodies, the communities living in close proximity to such lakes, seas and oceans in the continent are among the poorest in the region. 

Meet the Lands Leadership Team

The management of the department comprises of the CECM and Two Chief Officers: Lands and Energy and Physical Planning, Housing & Urban development

Welcome to the Department of Trade, Tourism and Cooperative Development

Hon. Nahida Mohammed

Hon Nahida Mohammed is the County Executive Committee Member (CECM), Trade, Tourism and Cooperative Development in the County Government of Kilifi. 

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Key Achievements

Since the onset of devolution in 2013, key milestones have been achieved by the department in the different directorates.

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July 19, 2022

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