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The functions of the County Secretary in Kenya are important in the coordination of the county executive. Section 44 of the County Governments Act establishes The Office of the County Secretary.

The County Secretary In Kilifi County is performs the following functions:

He is the Head of the County Public Service (Article 235 of the Kenyan Constitution). Public service means the collectivity of all individuals, other than State officers, performing a function within a State organ.

Responsible for arranging the business and keeping the minutes, of the county executive committee subject to the directions of the executive committee. 

Conveys the decisions of the county executive committee to the appropriate persons or authorities.

Meet the Office of the County Secretary Team

Welcome to the Office of the County Secretary

My mission is to provide professional and excellent services to Kilifi County with a view to enhancing development, prudent management practices, Human Resource productivity and sustainable cost effective controls without compromising the institution’s set standards whilst at the same time achieve the set targets as provided for in the performance contract for the benefit of the County

Key Achievements

We have enhanced many legislations in the county and dispure resolutions mechanisms.

We are proud to report that we have a success rate of 80% of cases that we have handled directly or indirectly through external counsel. Of prime importance is the number of cases concerning community land or public land which we have managed to recover,

leading to the initiation and conclusion of public utility projects and the establishment of settlement schemes which benefit thousands of residents of Kilifi County. We have managed to have over fifty cases dismissed for want of a reasonable cause of action.

Our Potential

Our primary focus in the coming years is to adopt alternative dispute resolution as a mechanism for resolving disputes pertaining to land particularly where cases have dragged in court for decades of years without a peaceful and amicable solution.

Total enrolled
in ECD Centres
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of Centres Built
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Flagship Projects

The department has a number of flagship projects that include
ICT labs and Model ECD Centers

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Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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