H.E. Governor Gideon Maitha Mung’aro ‘s administration is pleased to announce the official gazettement of The Kilifi County Citizen Participation and Civic Education Act 2020. This legislation is a significant milestone in our efforts to ensure that all citizens can have their voices heard in government decision-making.

This Act is intended to foster citizen participation and civic education in Kilifi County. It aims to facilitate the continued engagement of citizens in the county’s political and civic life, through quality civic education programs and citizen-led participation initiatives; to ensure that citizens are informed and have the skills to participate meaningfully in the decision-making processes of the county; it guarantees the right of all individuals. It also creates an environment for more open consultation and engagement and strengthens collaboration between the County and National government, community-based organizations, civil society, and citizens.

The gazettement of this mandatory Act is a tangible example of H.E. Gideon Maitha Mung’aro‘s commitment to transparency, openness, and accountability in governance. We are confident that the Citizen Participation and Civic Education Act will help create a more informed, responsive, and engaged society.

The Kilifi Department of Devolution, Civic Education and Public Participation looks forward to working with citizens and civil society organizations to ensure that the Act’s important provisions are implemented effectively and that all citizens can benefit from meaningful public participation.


Communication Officer at the County Government of Kilifi

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