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outh Ambassadors from Mariakani Ward, in September, paid a courtesy call to the Department of Education & ICT. Together With CECM, Hon. Rachel Musyoki,they discussed ways in which they can contribute towards harnessing youths potential as active citizens as well as sensitization activities that can be used to create awareness among the community and educate them on various issues that will help foster responsibility and development.


Meanwhile, the Directorate of Youth and Gender is working with Talanta Mtaani and Mnazi Mmwenga in organizing a 5-week talent search program at the county level under the talent search and career development program. Talented youth will be required to prepare to showcase their talents during auditions and hope to succeed to the next level where they will receive training and support from the organizers. This will provide a platform for the talented youth in the county to learn and get more experience on how to use their talents to benefit them in different aspects if line such as earning a living.

The directorate Gender has worked tirelessly under the Gender-based violence program to put in place a functional toll-free line (0800720307) to report any cases of gender-based violence. The program has also put in place the Kilifi gender technical working group which is actively working towards the prevention of gender-based violence cases.

“Create awareness among the community and educate them on various issues that will help foster responsibiity and development”

– Hon. Racheal Musyoki, C.E.C.M. Education & ICT

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